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Human Resource

Welcome to Azman Hamzah Plastik Sdn. Bhd.

Our ultimate goal in Human Resource Section is to produce highly skilled, motivated and customer oriented personnel to ensure our product can meet customers specifications. Our policy towards recruitment is to ensure that each of our new employees are not only qualified for the job, but would also need to have the right attitude and eagerness for success. To continuously develop and improve each and every members of the workforce, we provide internal and external trainings, cultivate performance driven and continuous improvement of our work culture.

R & D

Research & Development (R&D) is a valuable tool for growing and improving our business R&D involves in researching our market & customer needs. Our R&D strives to make a research on the strategies that can lead to a new innovation, increased productivity and can boost our business competitive advantage. Product design is one of the integral function in our R&D division. We are also capable of in-house designing, styling & CAE analysis to support our customer development stage. At the time, we offer our expertise and experience on the related parts hoping that we could contribute innovation to our customers.

❖ 1989: Establishment of Azman Hamzah Plastik Sdn Bhd(AHPSB)

❖ 1991: Signing TA Agreement with Suiryo Plastic Japan

❖ 1992: Moved to Lot 2, Seksyen 23, Shah Alam ,
               Comissioning of New Mitsubishi 850T in AHP Lot 2, Kick Off First Development - Trim Pillar

❖ 1994: Best Vendor Award - Quality & Delivery from Proton

❖ 1995: AHP expanded to Lot 10, Seksyen 23, Shah Alam(HQ),
               Kick Off First Development - Weatherstrip, RR Door Qtr Window ,
Kick Off First Development - Reservoir Tank

❖ 1996: Certified with MS ISO 9002 by SIRIM

❖ 2001: Certified QS 9000 by SIRIM

❖ 2002: Relocated Lot 2 to Lot 3, Seksyen 23, Shah Alam,
               3rd Top Local Supplier for Best Quality Performance from Toyota (UMWT/ASSB) ,
               Set-up In House Mould Making and Maintenance Section

❖ 2004: Certified with ISO/TS 16949 by SIRIM

❖ 2005: Completion of New Plant in Tanjung Malim, Perak , AHP TGM mainly to support production for PROTON TGM,
               Commissioning of New IG 2500T Injection Machine AHP TGM,
               Established New Painting Line for Instrument Panel,
               Signing TA Agreement with Lotus Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd , Malaysia

❖ 2009: PROTON Vendor Award (Most Improved in Quality) from Proton

❖ 2010: Relocated Lot 3 to Lot 7, seksyen 23, Shah alam mainly for medium and large tonnage machine

❖ 2012: Commissioning of New 2000T & 2400T Injection Moulding Machine in AHP Lot 7,
               Commissioning of New Engel 1600T Injection Moulding Machine in AHP TGM

❖ 2013: Completion of New Plant in Bukit Beruntung mainly to support production for PERODUA

❖ 2014: Certified ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 by SIRIM The Brand Laureate SMEs Corporate Branding Award- Manufacturing Plastic Injection Moulding.


Quality is fundamental aspect of our operation. To compete at global level, we have been certified with the Quality System ISO/TS16989 since year 2004. We provide our customers with high quality products by implementing “Customer Oriented Process” and “Continuous Improvement of Product Quality” embedded in ISO/TS 16949. This is also aligned with Global Automotive Requirement and to ensure we are placed strategically among the best in the region. Every employee plays an important role in achieving optimum quality at their respective work stations. We have equipped ourselves with the right tools to measure product quality.

Injection Molding

Plastic Welding