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Last modified: March 2012
AHP presently has around 250 employees and 26 of them are skilled technicians and engineers. In total, the senior management and the technical personnel have a combined extensive experience of many years in the field of manufacturing plastic components. Human capital is an asset investment and therefore Human Resource Department plays a pivotal role to ensure that employees are constantly highly fire up motivated with a top spirits to perform with a borderless will attitude in a service oriented ambience. These will adherence to inter related top notch job satisfaction with a very strong supportive working member.

To guarantee every employees are always in a top notch adroit level, AHP continuously provide training and development in various sectors from on the job and off the job training internally and externally. This training and development easily act as an engine booster for employees' morale for them to grab golden opportunity career advancement with an upgrade self improvement. In addition, AHP also giving employees a very strong support in the sense of an interpersonal and technical skills enhancement, so that they're constantly motivated to do their best.

AHP always cultivate employees by crossing all boundaries and penetrate all mediums to get the job done. This has been done through a strategic decision making thus reducing red tape and practice walk the talk principle by ensuring management teams are reliable, adroit and approachable. These are the degree ingredients of survival and success.